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Welcome to New Moon Energetics

A resource for Eden Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and much more.

What is Energetics?

Energetics is the flow and transformation of energy and information within a system. →

Emotional Freedom

EFT works particularly well with anxiety or phobias, stress reactions and auto-immune disorders. →

Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine has an ancient foundation, based in acupuncture and qi gong. →


Understand your many energy systems and how to balance them for mental clarity and better health →

About New Moon Energetics

The Tapping Solution

“Thank you for helping me through a rough time.  Your patience and wisdom really made a difference.  I appreciate your compassion and expertise.  You are such a powerful presence.  Thanks for being YOU! “



Carla Langdon

“Barb is a true healer.  Her wisdom in energy medicine, spirituality, and modern psychology combined with her amazing compassion and insight, gave me the tools I needed to transform my life.  I am thankful every day that I know Barb St. Dennis.”

Lauren Morrison

“Just wanted to thank you for teaching the medicinal plants class.  I have enjoyed it immemsely and feel it is one of the most worthwhile classes I have ever taken.  Thanks so much.”

Karen Carter

Learn the art of making your own remedies

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