About Barb

Learn about Barb; An herbalist, massage therapist, educator and experienced EFT Coach.


Barbara St. Dennis, MA is a Holistic Energy Medicine Therapist and Educator, a Master Herbalist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist with over 30 years of hands-on experience, an experienced EFT coach and has a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. (Schedule a Session)

Barbara can meet the needs of prospective clients and students in North Idaho, Eastern Washington, Western Montana and Southern B.C. by traveling to teach an EFT course, an Eden Energy Medicine course, or a workshop in Northwest Herbalism.

Experienced EFT Coach

Barbara holds an Advanced Certificate of study in Emotional Freedom Technique and is a professional EFT Practitioner. While she is able to work with anyone by phone or Skype as a remote EFT Practitioner, clients in Spokane, WA and other parts of Eastern Washington, in North Idaho, in Western Montana, and in Southern B.C. can see Barbara in her office in Hayden, Idaho. Besides teaching an introductory EFT course, Barbara also offers an ongoing small group for more intensive practice. She is a great choice for anyone looking for an experienced EFT coach.

Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

For over 15 years Barbara has studied with the amazing Donna Eden, receiving her certification as an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner in 2008. “I cannot emphasize enough the integrity of her process, her teachings and her ongoing support for her students and graduates,” is what Barbara says about Donna and her staff.

You can access the listing and credentials at Innersource.net, the website for Donna Eden’s programs and offerings in Energy Medicine. While Barbara is qualified to work with clients remotely, clients in Spokane, WA and in North Idaho can see her in her office in Hayden, Idaho.

Master Herbalist

Barbara has been studying and practicing herbalism since 1969.  Her specialty is wildcrafting and growing Northwest herbs and making the medicines from them. Her practice in herbalism is characterized by using local herbs, making simple medicines and using them conservatively after testing with kinesiology. Her classes and year-long studies in Plant Spirit Medicine have been offered in North Idaho since 1994.

Licensed Massage Therapist

For 35 years, Barbara has been practicing and teaching massage therapy.  She uses Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Touch, and acupressure, and really enjoys the wonderful response of the body to her treatments.  Clients have found her work in North Idaho effective for 20 years, and it is the compassionate, interactive touch of massage that she enjoys as much as the client.

Wisewoman tradition, a learning path

The multi-dimensional path of healing known as Holistic is particularly part and parcel of the Wisewoman tradition as well.  The village herbalist, the local midwife, the wise woman counselor, the grandmothers and aunties, all know about the many ways to evoke the healing response from the body-mind.  These include warm baths and healing touches, herbal soups and subtle energetic movements and fresh oils simmering in the slow cooker. These positively support the life force.  An ecological connection to the plant world and a sense of the support of the Life Force energies can strengthen that response.  We can learn it!  Holistic healing is learning to pay attention to the many aspects we contain and addressing compassionately as many as seem possible. This is something the wise women know all over the world, and something we can all learn.  This is my ongoing path, and one I would love to share with you, in classes or in session.