Daily Energy Routine

This is a reminder for those who have taken the class, and is in a new order, from Donna, and from our communication in 2011.

Four Thumps – Thump under eyes, on top of cheekbones, then collarbones at K-27, then center of sternum, then on lower ribs.  Take 2 or more deep breaths at each place.

Crown Pull –  Start at forehead and with fingertips,press in at center, and pull out firmly.  Pull out at hairline, then top of head, then back of head, then base of skul, then back of neck, finally pull down on shoulders.  This may hurt just a little, but it really clears the mind and the crown chakra and stimulates nerve connections.

Wayne Cook – Place ankle on knee, holding toes and ankle with wrists crossed; pull up and breathe deeply, five times, repeating on opposite leg.  Then place fingers together with thumbs at forehead and breathe five more times.   This is the important one for clear thinking, reading and speaking.  It balances the functions of the two hemispheres of the brain.

Belt Flow – Smooth the area around the waist & belly, then go down each leg.

Separating Heaven and Earth – On a deep breath, push up toward heaven and down to earth; repeat on opposite side, 2 xs.  Clears joints, prevents arthritis.

Neurolymphatics – Massage under collarbone, along “seam” of arms, inside deltoid, down sternum, between upper ribs, under breasts, under ribcage,  around belly button, top of pubic bone, along inside of thighs, along outside of thighs.  Deep breaths take the work deeper.  Stimulates lymph flow.

Blow Out – Swinging arms out and up, make fists and throw the energy down to the ground, making a “shhhh” sound.  Clears negativity from BMS.

Celtic Weave– Hands to thighs, breathe down. Then, hands to sides of head, bring elbows together, cross hands at face, let hands fall, crossing down to hips, scoop forward, cross again at knees, scoop forward, then at ankles.  Scoop up energy information and bring it down your beautiful body. Fluff aura inwards up the midline and over your head. One minute.

Hook up and Zip up – One finger in belly button and one at the third eye, pull up and breathe, twice, then zip up from pubic bone to lower lip.