Energy Cleansing by Chakra Breathing

Get comfortable and begin breathing in a conscious way.  Close your eyes and relax your body, breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose if you can.  Let the breath be full, but not strained.  This is not yoga breathing, so relax, and exhale fully.

Begin to imagine all the myriad natural energies that are running over the earth right now, as if you were standing in a colorful stream that swirled all around you.  Breathe up through your feet and bring that earth energy up into your legs and pelvic region and chest.  When you exhale, let the breath flow out of your chest and down your legs and out your feet, effortlessly, downhill and out.

Breathe like that 4 or 5 times, and then take your attention to the spot between your legs that is at the very bottom of your trunk, and breathe in and out there, the root chakra. Imagine a colorful trumpet flower, spinning clockwise at the center and counter clockwise at the outer edges, like the flare of a dancer’s skirt, but this flower is shedding petals as you exhale.  Let them go.

Take your attention to the area of your lower belly and breathe there 4 or 5 times, then up to the area of the solar plexus, just below the rib cage and do the same.  Allow the breath to fill and brighten up these second and third chakras, and intend to release anything emotional whose lease is up.  You might invite angelic help to do this cleansing release.  These are emotional areas, stay as long as you need if something comes up.

Then go up to the center of your chest, your sternum, and breathe love from all around you, above and below, into the heart chakra.  Imagine how the inner vortex pulls in energy and the outer rim spins out its energy all around.  Some of what comes out of the heart spins down to the third chakra and some up to the throat.  Breathe there 4 or 5 times and let the exhalations be as much compassion and forgiveness as you can release.

At the middle of the throat is the larynx, the thyroid and the throat chakra.  Be aware of breathing energy into each of these; self-expression and metabolic energy.  Breathe the cool and calm energy of the high mountains 4 or 5 times into this space.  Notice how much finer the energies are becoming.  Imagine yourself roaring like a lion if you like when you exhale.

Breathe into the center of the forehead and imagine a beam of light coming right back out with the exhalation.  Let your neck and throat relax more with each breath, and allow your shoulders to drop so your throat can really open.  Bring energy from the throat and chest to exhale out through the forehead and the top of the head.

Begin breathing in and out of the top of the head, bringing the breath right down into the body, and then back up and out the crown chakra.  Let the exhalation be a fountain of light that showers all around the body and forms the outermost edge of the aura. After 4 or 5 breaths here, imagine the shower of diamond light is being brought up through the feet to run through the body and out the top of the head again.  Then just relax in the feeling.