Expelling the Venom

Expelling the Venom – Blow Out

If you find yourself angry or full of other toxins and want to change that, it’s very simple.  You may feel the anger in the present moment, or it may be something from your past that is haunting you and keeping you angry.  Even if the anger or the judgment you are feeling is perfectly rational and right, it is still harmful to you, your blood pressure, your relationships and perhaps, your work.  You can choose to get this venom out of your system, including environmental toxins and much more.

  • Stand with your hands on your thighs, with your fingers spread out and take a deep breath, in and out.
  • Take another deep breath and swing your arms out and up, over your head.
  • Turn your hands around, facing toward you and make fists.
  • Thinking about your anger, bring your fists down, forcefully, and throw them down toward the floor.  It’s as if you are grabbing the anger (or other toxins) and throwing it down.  Exhale as you do this, making the sound of “Shhhhhhhh.” This sound helps to clear the liver, which holds on to irritation.
  • Do this as many times as it takes to expel the venom.  It usually takes 3or 4 times to complete, but some things take a bit more.

This is only a symptomatic treatment, even as good as it is.  You and only you can choose to stop receiving the abuse, change your diet, change your other toxic associations, or clear out the anger completely with EFT.