Heart Coherence

Ideas for Practicing Heart Coherence

The goal is to come from the heart, with an attitude of loving-kindness, to practice it as a meditation, and to choose to apply it daily

1. It is so simple. Begin by breathing consciously in and out of the heart region for about 3 – 5 breaths. Bring loved ones to mind and send loving thoughts to them. Not words but feelings. Appreciate their qualities and gifts to you and send love and gratitude to them. Loved ones can include places and things and pets or whatever you appreciate. You can set a timer and meditate like this for 5-20 minutes.

2. Choose a time or times, to practice and stick to it as best as you can. However, it is better to practice later or at an odd time than not at all. It is also better for your focus to meditate before a meal rather than after.

3. It is helpful to choose a place and stick to that. Comfortable, upright seating is all that is needed, and the energy of your meditation focus will build in the chair and room that you use regularly. Again, better to practice in your car, than not at all.

4. Music that is spiritual, but not spacy, can help to tune the mind to a higher frequency, and mute out other noises. Turn the phone off and put the pets out, if they are distracting.

5. When you are done sit quietly and remember any insights or intuition you received. You may want to record the information in order to help you apply it later.

6. Shorter times of practice that are repeated during the day can be more useful than long sessions once a day. The goal is to train the mind to choose the attitude of lovingkindness.

7. Enter “heart coherence” in your search engine to access research and articles about this process, if you like. The Heart Math Solution is the basic book about the physiological aspects, but much more has been discovered since its publication. Robert Gass has chanting cds that some find conducive to meditation, as does Stephen Halpern.

8. It is very important to remember that on some days, practice will seem fairly easy and other days seem impossible. If you are sick or tired, if you are very distracted by events or if for some unknown reason you cannot focus, be kind to yourself and just sit with the breathing for a time. We are all human and we cannot always control our mind the way we’d like. After breathing into the heart for a few minutes, things can change. Practice bringing your mind back to the object of focus, the intentional sending of love.

Ideas for Practicing Heart Coherence

Heart Coherence Meditation Bibliography

Heart Coherence Meditation Talk

by Barb St. Dennis | 2hrs - At Unity Church

Heart Coherence is a state of consciousness, a place where love and gratitude pull the animal self and its ego into a truly happy place. It’s a balanced state of creative joy and deep intuition. Learn a radically different kind of meditation to get there!

Research on the Heart-Brain-Body Connection

For Heart Coherence Meditation
From Heartmath Solution, Doc Childre and Howard Martin

Heart transplants and research have shown that the heart has its own “little brain” that functions independently of the brain in the head. This intrinsic cardiac nervous system can sense, feel, learn and remember.

In heart surgery the nerves between the brain and the heart are often severed and the heart goes on beating without them.

Astonishingly, the heart sends more information to the brain via the nervous system than the brain sends to the heart.

The heart produces its own powerful hormones, like oxytocin, the hormone that causes the “afterglow” of satisfying sex, as well as dopamine and noradrenalin, hormones that regulate emotion in the brain, and ANF, a hormone that balances the endocrine system and several important organs, like the kidneys.

In the fetus, the heart is formed and beating before the brain is formed. It is not known what starts the heart to beat, but it is clearly not the brain.

Heart rhythm coherence helps synchronize brain activity, facilitating higher cognitive faculties such as perception, memory, discernment and problem-solving intuition. Surprising answers come from Hearthmath!

A coherent heart rhythm sends a message of well-being to the brain, reducing stress effects, especially the production of cortisol in the body.

The electromagnetic field of the heart is approximately 5,000 times stronger than the field of the brain. It can be measured up to 12 feet away from the body, and has been shown to contain encoded information.

This energetic information is not only shared by the heart to our brain and body, including the immune system, but affects others in its vicinity.

A coherent signal is many times stronger than an incoherent one. A light bulb = 60 watts, a laser = 1 million watts, at the same voltage. Heart coherence meditation creates this coherency within the bodymind.

The ancient Chinese called the heart The Supreme Controller, or Emperor of the B/M systems. They believed it did not originate consciousness, but was the prime director and integrator of consciousness.


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