Integrating Switchwords and Energy Medicine

Integrating into the Daily Energy Routine

  • Tap TOGETHER at the beginning, at the Three Thumps.
  • Use CHANGE when you find a particularly sore Neurolymphatic.
  • Integrate DIVINE ORDER into the Celtic Weave.
  • Pick a favorite Switchword and use it when you Zip Up.

Testing Switchwords

  • Think of a stress, test, and see if it weakens you.  Then think of the stressor linked to a specific switchword and see if you are now strong.  This indicates that the switchword would be effective for that stressor.
  • Test Alarm Points, finding the weak ones.  Test again and find the weakest.  Then touch the weakest Alarm Point and say CHANGE.

Test the point again to see if it was strengthened.  Use as needed.

Beware of the healing crisis! Prepare for it.  Asking your body to heal pain or illness requires energy, good diet, plenty of rest, water, vitamins, etc.  The more serious the problem, the switchword, CHANGE, will require a great deal from your system.  It could stress the organs of elimination, distract you mentally, and perhaps put you out of balance.  It’s all good, but still can be stressful.  Remember that not very long ago, people recovering from serious illness were sent to special places to recuperate.

Using Switchwords with EFT

Tap on the karate chop point and say, “Even though I have felt so alone, so isolated and so alienated, I now choose to feel TOGETHER.” (3x) Then tap on each point using the word TOGETHER for 2-3 rounds.  This is a nearly universal cure.  Other specific words can be linked to specific problems in the same way.  For example, “Even though I have felt so guilty and have beat myself up continuously since I did that, I now choose to FORGIVE.”
Then tap 2-3 rounds using FORGIVE on each point. Using the switchwords as tapping words will deepen their effect.