Levels of Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques can be learned and practiced on several levels.

  • The first level of our Emotional Freedom Techniques is the purely physical, right now.  Feeling pain is one example.  If you have simple pain anywhere in the body, you can tap on the EFT points for your pain.  You could tap on the eyebrow point and say, “This burning pain,” or whatever quality the pain has.  Go on to the other points and keep using words that describe your pain.  You might add in any emotions you are having about the pain, like, “I feel so stupid that I did this to myself,” or “I’m so angry that the dog tripped me.”  If the pain leaves, you’re done!
  • At the second level, if the pain or other unwanted symptom persists, there is probably an underlying emotion that is not resolved and is showing itself as the symptom.  For example, the boss is being really difficult this month and your stress levels are soaring.  Just tapping on the stress symptoms isn’t working, so you might want to tap on the feelings you have about the boss.  Sometimes these feelings go back to childhood, especially if the boss treats you like one of your teachers or parents did.  For emotionally-based symptoms, you will want to start with the “setup” tapping on the side of the hand.  For example, “Even though the boss is being a real twerp, and it reminds me of the way my fourth-grade teacher treated me, I love and accept myself just as I am.”  Then tap on those feelings throughout the body points.
  • The third level deals with symptoms that were clearly caused by a shock or trauma of some kind.  Perhaps you have pain that has held on after a surgery.  Maybe you have never felt the same after an accident or an emotionally shocking incident.  The original trauma, every little aspect of it, needs to be addressed with the tapping.  This will take more time, but often, every single resulting symptom that has been there since the event will resolve.  You will want to tap on as many of the aspects of the event as you can, plus the emotions and the physical symptoms.  Just be persistent, the results can be amazing!
  • The fourth level is utilized when there have been patterns of trauma, or abuse or deeply painful happenings in the life.  The result of these can be addictions or depression, chronic pain patterns or other debilitating illnesses.  With serious application of the techniques as described above, over time even these can clear.  If they are too distressing, the worst can be dealt with under supervision of a skilled practitioner, and the many smaller aspects can be done on your own.

Let me know how these Emotional Freedom Techniques work for you! I always love to hear from you!