New Moon Garden

Barb and friends are creating a healing garden for study, for medicine-making, for just hanging with the healing plants. Join us for an open house on Saturday afternoons, 1-3 pm from May 14th through June 25th.

About the New Moon Garden

My garden here in Hayden is a life-long dream come true. All my favorite plant allies are settling in, showing their stuff, proving the abundance of the natural world.  Though this space has evolved over the years, here are the original designs.

Would you like to visit the New Moon Garden?

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Working in the garden is one way to do work-study with Barb

I offer work-study in the garden. There’s always something that needs doing, and I love the collaboration with clients and students.

What are we growing?

The medicine plants are the main focus of the garden, with lots of veggies as well. We gather calendula for oil, lavender for many good uses and lots of elderberry flowers and berries. We make tinctures and salves, oils and teas. A new member this year is astragalus and it seems to like north Idaho.

“The healing plants were my first teachers. They taught me unconditional abundance as a baseline and that love for them is what makes your thumb green. Go love a plant today! They feed us, clothe us, provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and make our world the beautiful green oasis it is. They are truly here for us all.”

Barbara St. Dennis