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My Sessions are $75 and usually run one and one-half hours, sometimes more. I also do phone sessions all over North America at that rate. I see or speak with clients during the weekday Tuesday – Friday at 10am and 12, 2 and 4 pm. Confidentiality is always assured.

After agreeing to the focus of our time together, the work we do is to test and balance your various energy systems, bringing them to your awareness and into coherence, to address your concerns with EFT tapping, and to design a home support program. I encourage independent self-care, and I teach it carefully. Here’s how it goes:

• You are assessed on your energy levels and you learn to do a series of energy movements that are easy but very profound in bringing coherence and resilency to your various systems. And you do them! Because you find you become more aware of yourself as an energy being. This takes 5-10 minutes twice a day for a month, and you probably find it very rewarding by month’s end. If needed we do bodywork to balance your energies.

• You learn and practice with me, Emotional Freedom Techniques. You learn how to use this powerful energy psychology tool to release negative emotions and pain; feeling it is believing! Bring any kind of pain, physical or emotional, any tension or anxiety to the technique and feel the difference immediately in most cases.

• You learn and practice a very simple meditation technique that brings your mental focus to your heart. It is so pleasant that it is very easy to do. Breathing in and out of the heart area, one brings to mind loved ones and then experiences the love that is there for them. Period. Simple, but very life-changing as a practice.

• You can experience, in as little as a month or two or three, the difference in the inward sense of a mind that is willing to be focussed on positive, loving things, and you learn how to choose that, to choose freedom and ease in body and mind. It works!

• You receive lots of support materials, videos and cds to further stretch your learning and give you practice time between sessions. I have a large library of media, copies of which are circulating constantly, and you have access to that while we are working.

I do not accept insurance and that is one reason I keep my session fees low. I would love to see you commit to a short series of sessions if that seems appropriate, and I give a special discount to committed clients. To be considered a committed client, agree to meet for four sessions, and pay me up front for three. You will receive the fourth session free! You may schedule your treatments as you like. You also receive loaner DVDs to study and tap with to support your progress. This low price offer is $225 for four sessions, or just over $55 per session. I like clients to meet with me at least once before doing this. That makes it an informed decision. A commitment of 4 weeks work is a fair trial of these leading-edge techniques.

I am not a doctor or a psychologist. I have practiced alternative and complimentary medicine and counseling for over 40 years, 30 of those as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I have received decades of training in Chinese 5-Element Acupressure and Plant Spirit Herbalism, and recently earned a fully accredited Master’s degree in Consciousness. I have found Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, especially the Emotional Freedom Techniques, to be the most sensible, easy, and deeply healing work I’ve ever experienced. So, I am an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, as well as having an advanced certificate of study in EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. My life vision and commitment is to help relieve suffering and to spread the knowledge of the possible evolution of consciousness and ways to facilitate it. My goal for you is that you can fulfill your destiny and truly express yourself creatively, joyously, lovingly.

If you hire me, we will work from a holistic perspective, placing you in the context of your home, your work, your relationships, as well as the context of your body and emotions and energy field. What are your strengths, your pains, your patterns and where do you want to go? What do you still dream to do? Indeed, what are you doing with this one precious life you have been given? Would you like help to do it? I hope you will consider carefully, and email me.


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