“Thank you for helping me through a rough time.  Your patience and wisdom really made a difference.  I appreciate your compassion and expertise.  You are such a powerful presence.  Thanks for being YOU! “

– Carla Langdon

“I have worked with Barb St. Dennis as a client, a student and a peer.  Her depth of knowledge and her ability to succinctly convey that knowledge amazes me.”

– Tim Gilreath, LMP,  Owner, Therapeutic Approach Massage

“Barb is a true healer.  Her wisdom in energy medicine, spirituality, and modern psychology combined with her amazing compassion and insight, gave me the tools I needed to transform my life.  I am thankful every day that I know Barb St. Dennis.”

– Lauren Morrison

“I am so glad to have you join us in teaching your life-changing classes.  Whatever other work I do, the training I have had from you has been fundamental to everything I do.”

– Susan Flerchinger, founder, Healing Waters Center

“Just wanted to thank you for teaching the medicinal plants class.  I have enjoyed it immemsely and feel it is one of the most worthwhile classes I have ever taken.  Thanks so much.”

– Karen Carter

“Barb has been a lifesaver, at a really crucial time in my life.  Her profound understanding of multiple levels of healing is extraordinary – the mind’s psychology, trauma of body and soul, spiritual consciousness, energetic systems – the list goes on.  She is deeply present for each session, and speaks the truth with Love.  She is both a healer and a teacher, and is open-heartedly committed to empowering people in their own lives.  I couldn’t have done it without her!”

– Bonnie Kirkwood

“I have been greatly helped by Barbara through her counseling support.  I have been to about 5 different counselors in my life (I’m 56) and have found only two to be really helpful.  Barbara is one of them.  To be helpful to me, a counselor must approach my situation without judgement and climb into my persective instead of viewing my life from their perspective.  Barbara does both of these.  It took only about 6 weeks for Barbara to help me get through on of the most difficult and complicated turning points in my life.  She is amazing.  I would recommend (and have) her counseling services to anyone trying to turn their struggle into peace.”

-Jena Pittmon,  Web Designer

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