Understanding Switchwords

Switch Words

Some Keys to Using and Understanding Switchwords

The MAGIC WORDS of Command and Intention

Switchwords are truly magic words that vibrate to a human truth and to our own intuitive knowing. They are one doorway to the Kingdom within. Freud seems to have first noticed that there are specific words that trigger responses from the unconscious.  James Mangam came up with the concept of positive triggers in the nineteen fifties and spread it in the sixties in his book, “The Secret to Perfect Living,” (now in a new printing). Some switchwords are ancient words that have been around for eons. Others are catchy keywords in songs or in TV commercials. They contain the essence of an experience, a condition or a feeling. Other switchwords have a personal appeal. Some ancient beliefs that foreshadow the use of these magic words are uncommon knowledge, for example:

• The Kingdom of Heaven is within us.
• Knock, and it will be opened to you.
• Our inner wisdom knows what is best for us, and will guide us.
• Our ego and our conscious mind are often in conflict with our spiritual peace and growth.
• Hypnotic suggestion is one sure way to contact the inner mind.

We have all suffered from the sense of alienation and separateness at some time, and we know that this feeling can be a reflection of what is happening within. It seems the basic separation from ourselves is between our conscious, ego-driven self-identity, and the huge mystery of our unconscious with its connection to Spirit and, supposedly, all knowledge. The healing of that rift is what C.G. Jung called the Conjunctio, or alchemical marriage, out of which mystical gold would come.  Switchwords seem to profoundly heal this sense of separation, and restore an awareness of the helper within.  Their use is oddly comforting.

Switchwords create a bridge between what we need and desire, and the Inner Being that can help us achieve our goals. We use these words to gain help or inspiration or wisdom from within. They work for healing, for manifestation, for character development, for spiritual growth, indeed for almost any aspect of human life.  Their use can bring self-confidence and renewal.  LEARN is one important Switchword for just this.  CHANGE is another powerful switchword to relieve pain, or speed healing.  Say it until you have a positive change.

The Switchword TOGETHER is the master key to re-establishing that inner relationship. This is what James Mangam discovered. The word is a hypnotic suggestion that opens the door to the vast storehouse of knowledge, personal and planetary, that is within us. It reflects the truth that we are all in this together, plants, animals and people. Because it speaks the truth in a single word, it bypasses ego and all its works, like skepticism and argument. Other Switchwords are shortcuts to specific information that is held in our unconscious for handling specific issues. They all work best if thought of as a suggestion, an intention.

One way to begin exploring switchwords is to simply say the switchword, TOGETHER, in a thoughtful and aware way. Say it several times. Think about how it feels, what it makes you think of, and what your impulse is after saying it. Some people cry, others laugh and some become very quiet and centered. Or try this. The next time you lose track of something, say REACH Perhaps say it more than once, and then follow your inner prompting to where the thing might be. You may be very surprised! If you have trouble getting to sleep when your mind just won’t shut down, try the switchword OFF. Say it several times and you may slip off to slumber easily.

Here are a few Switchwords and their applications:

Cancel – To eliminate negativity, negative thinking, negative conditions or poverty

Change – To get rid of pain or illness, or to get something out of the eye

Forgive – To end the desire for revenge, to stop angry thoughts about self or others

Clear – To dispel anger or resentment

Reach – To find lost thoughts, lost objects or anything misplaced, to find solutions to problems

Off – To go to sleep easily or to stop an unwanted habit

Count – To make money

Divine Order – To put things in optimum order, to bring optimum order into the life

Learn – To become younger, to rejuvenate

Using Switchwords

Follow that impulse!

When you use a Switchword, you will often get an impulse or a thought to do something, and that is the response to your command, or suggestion.  Follow that impulse!  If you ask a friend to help you out and you then refuse that help, you can imagine what will happen.  If you use the Switchword COUNT, to make money, and you get an idea, follow it up.  The thoughts or impulses may seem illogical, but remember that they are not coming from a place of logic, but of knowing.

For example, you may want to rejuvenate your business, and so you use the word LEARN.  Using it often, suddenly you think of a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.  What does that have to do with your business?  But call them!  You may find, in talking about your business, that they are experiencing the same thing and have found the most wonderful consultant to help them.  Follow that impulse!

You can place written Switchwords around your home or office to remind you to use them, or take one word as a project and apply it every time you think of a problem or feel a symptom. I use the word OFF to go to sleep at night and after saying it a number of times,  it works nearly every time. I have used it so much, it is now pretty easy to go off to sleep without it, and I have had insomnia most of my life.

Just like many people, I have had problems with negative thinking about others, and I find if I use the Switchword FORGIVE when I notice I’m in one of those loops, the thoughts clear fairly soon. If they come back, I just use FORGIVE again. It has worked in the most difficult situations, and is beginning to train me to go to forgiveness sooner in my thinking

The Secret to Perfect Living
James Mangam’s book is back in print!

To learn more, you can order his book, The Secret to Perfect Living, or look online for much more.