What is Energetics?

What Is Energetics?

  • Its research and practice are at the leading edge of quantum physics.
  • Energetics is at the core of both ancient and the most modern medicine.
  • A powerful realization is that energy and consciousness are interchangeable.

New Moon Energetics offers you ways to enhance and transform your energy, your moods and your health.  Services include classes and workshops,  treatments, mentoring and energy assessments, EFT expert coaching, plant spirit medicine and flower essences.

Together, we can address and correct problems before they become disease patterns like cancer or heart disease, or assist the healing process if disease has occurred.  We can increase your performance scores and reading ability and really sharpen your mind.  Optimum performance of energy systems is a keystone to success in healing and abundance.

These techniques are easy and fun and bring instant results in many cases.  Many of the techniques can be practiced at home in about five minutes and you can try them on anything!

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