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In service to our community and individuals who are working on healing themselves, I offer my experience and training as an instructor and mentor in the following areas:

Energy Medicine

As a student and practitioner and teacher of Eden Energy Medicine and Therapeutic Touch, I have almost 40 years in the field. In class and as a mentor, the magic of these proven techniques can be shared and experienced by beginners and advanced students alike. Our lives can be enhanced and our understanding of our essential energetic nature can be explored. Practical interventions that speed healing are the real result of applying energy medicine and besides it’s really fun to learn this stuff!

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Emotional Freedom Technique

This is an aspect of Energy Medicine, just as psychiatry is an aspect of conventional medicine. EFT uses points on the meridians of the Chinese acupuncture system to resolve and repattern unwanted emotional responses. We now have over 117 scientific studies that show the tapping works very fast, has lasting results, and really does change biological markers, like cortisol production, immune response, cardio-vascular function and higher brain activity. The most important finding is that EFT targets areas of the brain that talk therapy cannot reach, and after training, can be self applied by most people.

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Heart-centered Meditation

Learning to meditate is one of the most life changing things we can do. It can be a simple thing and yet have profound effects in the felt sense of our life. I teach and practice a meditation that gives the mind something to do with all its activity, so that it doesn’t get bored. There are no products to buy, nothing to subscribe to, just a simple practice that will grow with time and is proven to increase higher brain function and creativity. It focuses on lovingkindness toward self and others.

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Any or all of these practices can be learned in a class, if you want to convene a small group, or individually at your request. I suggest a three hour introduction for groups, or four weekly meetings for individuals wanting personal training. I am open to modifications and flexible with my time, as I am essentially retired from an active counseling practice. Costs are free to non profit groups and reasonable for individuals. I am also open to work trade in my herb garden in Hayden, Idaho. I hope to benefit our beautiful community and enhance individual life experience as mine has been by this knowledge.

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