Harmony with the heart


Harmony with the Heart is a little book to help you understand how to do just that, come into harmony with your heart and its wisdom. You can learn how to come out of the worried animal mind and into the higher coherence of intuition, gratitude and lovingkindness. Lots of simple exercises, links, and a guided meditation on video for you to explore.

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Barbara St. Dennis, MA, is a gardener, an herbal wildcrafter,
a certified energy medicine and energy psychology practitioner and a meditator for over 30 years. She loves to teach classes that go deep into energy and consciousness, whether in plants, the human body or the mind.

She sees clients at her home and garden in Hayden, Idaho, and over the world via Skype. Barbara is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner. She holds an advanced certificate in Emotional Freedom Freedom Techniques, with 15 years’ experience. Her master’s degree is in Consciousness.

Her clients are students in the techniques and tools to better manage their emotions and to free their essential creativity and love. Barbara believes that the state of mind matters most in healing and in problem-solving, not intelligence or technique. It goes with the whole masters in consciousness thing!